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Go the extra magical mile with these spectacular add-ons! When you reserve your party, choose from one of our magical additions to give you the slumber party of your dreams!

Pop Up Picnic

Pop-Up Picnic adds that extra touch of whimsy to make your gathering unforgettable. Because why settle for ordinary when you can turn your slumber party into a Pinterest-worthy memory? Let's make your night in even more fabulous – book your SlumberPop Pop-Up Picnic now! 🌈✨


Our balloons aren't just balloons; they're your party's VIPs, turning every corner into a photo-worthy backdrop. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a milestone, or just the joy of being together, our Balloon Bonanza is the secret sauce to making your sleepover Insta-fabulous. Let's turn your dreams into a floating fiesta – because at SlumberPop, we believe every celebration deserves to be a balloon-filled bash!


They’re adorable, they’re functional, and most importantly – they’re delicious! 

It's the ultimate snack experience that's as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious. Elevate your slumber party vibes with our Charcuterie options, because who says you can't indulge in gourmet goodness while building pillow forts and making lasting memories? Let the flavor fiesta begin!

This Princess Life

For mermaids-in-training looking to meet their most favorite princess of all time - without leaving the living room. When you invite This Princess Life to your party, you're bringing world-class performers with years of experience for the personalized entertainment adventure of a lifetime.

Slumber Party Games

Slumber Party Game Bundle ✨ 10 GAME BUNDLE!
Have the best sleep over ever with this one of a kind game bundle. These beautifully crafted games will create all kinds of fun and memories for your party regardless of the occasion! All the games are super fun and super simple to play! Can be tailored to any type of party like a bachelorette party or adult sleepover!

Floating Picnic

Dive into luxury with our Bali Floating Picnic – the ultimate blend of tropical vibes and pure relaxation for parents while your little ones have a blast at their slumber party.

Our Bali Floating Picnic is designed for you to unwind, soak up the sun, and indulge in a delightful spread while your kids create cherished memories indoors. 

Pop Corn Machine

A SlumberPop! Party isn't complete with out a Popcorn treat!

Does your mouth water at the smell of Theater popcorn? This popcorn machine rental produces theater style popcorn that will keep everyone young and old asking for more. 

Movie Night

Our SlumberPop! Parties are luxurious and sophisticated, and now you can add the ultimate Slumber n' Chill movie night. Enjoy watching your favorite movie snuggled up under the stars (Galaxy Night Included)! Transform your SlumberPop! experience into the ultimate Slumber n' Chill movie night with our exclusive add-on. Because let's be real, what's a luxurious slumber party without a touch of cinematic magic

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