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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with each tent set-up?


Each tent set-up come with:

  • Tent Frame with cover and battery-operated twinkle lights.

  • Themed decorations, to include: bunting, garland, chalkboard name plaque, and other various decorations as indicated by the theme selected at time of booking. 

  • Foam mattress fully encased in a waterproof, allergen-blocking mattress cover. 

  • Soft cotton jersey fitted bed sheet and cozy fleece blanket. (pillows not included)

  • Wooden tray with battery-operated lantern.


​And even though slumber party fun isn't really about sleep, we still care about your guests getting a good night's sleep. Our mattresses are 4” thick memory foam, not air mattresses, and a roomy 75” x 31” which means every party-goer will have enough space and support to make for a legit, good-night's sleep, which makes for a more cheerful next morning for all. 

How much space do I need to set up a SlumberPop party? And will I need to move furniture?


Our mattresses measure just slightly more compact than a twin-size (75”x31”), so they do take up some room, but our set-up is flexible and we set up tents in all manner of configurations to best fit the available space. Please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss what set-up options might work best for your space. 


Depending on the room you’re planning to set-up the tents in, you might need to move some furniture. Please make sure this is done and the area cleared prior to us arriving for set-up.

Can tents be set-up outside?


A night under the stars sounds dreamy, but unfortunately our tents, mattresses and accessories are not designed for outdoor use. We will only set up tent rentals indoors. 

Oopsies! What about spills and other damage?


No slumber party is complete without late-night snacks, and we don't want to spoil the fun! We just ask that you treat our tents and bedding as you would your own - keep the sticky fingers away and stick with dry snacks and clear liquids when you're in the tents. We expect normal wear and tear, but will assess additional fees for permanent stains and breakages. 

So your themes are super-cute, but I had this idea... 


We see your creative spirit and salute you! With kiddos of our own, we've planned some of the wackiest and most awesome party themes -- so whatever you throw us, we're game! We'd love to work with you to make your wildest slumber party dreams come true. Contact Us with your ideas and we'll get brainstorming a way to make it happen! 

What about pets?


We love pets... but we ask that you keep your slumber party guests to the human variety. Please be mindful of keeping your pets clear when we arrive on site to set up your SlumberPop party, and then we ask that you do your best to keep four-legged friends out of the party-zone. It's our experience that having pets around increases the chances of accidents and damages. 

How are the tents and bedding cleaned?


Our tents and bedding are washed with a fragrance free, hypoallergenic detergent after each use.  Trays and other accessories are disinfected and spot cleaned.